Security Camera Clips – Ian Johnston Incident at KPFK


These are clips from the security camera in the lobby of Pacifica’s Los Angeles station detailing the before, during and after an incident of physical handling of a staff member by a board member, who was later suspended and then removed from the board and banned from the station.

New manager Leslie Radford, a factional crony of Johnston’s has “rescinded” the ban, introducing safety and security concerns for several KPFK employees.

These are three clips from the same 34 minute long security camera film. Date and time checks are on the video clips. This first one is a few minutes prior to the physical encounter with KPFK IT director Jonathan Alexander, an employee for more than 8 years. The second details the incident itself and the third is shortly afterwards.


One thought on “Security Camera Clips – Ian Johnston Incident at KPFK”

  1. The KPFK General Manager did not rescind the banning of Ian Johnston because Mr. Johnston was never banned from the station. I asked the GM about this recently and she had no information about this purported ban. A former GM, Bob Conger, reported that Mr. Johnston was asked to stay out of Master Control because of complaints that Mr. Johnston was interfering with on-air programming. Mr. Conger believes that the LSB banned Mr. Johnston from the station, but this is incorrect. The LSB did no such thing. It suspended Mr. Johnston from the LSB for one year. It did not ban him from the station.

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