2021 Local Station board endorsements

Berkeley – This is the second of two emailsThe initial one focused on Pacifica Foundation news and this contains endorsements for the 2021 local station board elections. Your ballots have been sent on Monday and you have until October 15 to vote. Pacifica in Exile is an independent publication and our endorsements are not affiliated with any third party. 

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Pacifica News Update

Berkeley – This is the first of two emailsThis initial one will focus on Pacifica Foundation news and the next one will contain endorsements for upcoming local station board elections. Your ballots are being sent today and you have until October 15 to vote. 

The KPFA Protectors – Safety Net lawsuit from Don Goldmacher and company seemed to have gone away after last week’s scathing denuniciation and dismissal of the case from LA Superior Court judge Michael Stern. But, apparently not discouraged by the judge’s sharp words, the Safety Net – Protectors filed an appeal, making sure that the flow of member dollars out of KPFA will continue for some time. At last count, the LSB member’s lawsuit has cost KPFA $71,000, more than 10% of the fund drive goal. The KPFA LSB Protectors majority under board chair Christina Huggins (a plaintiff) has not engaged in fundraising to offset the costs of their lawsuit to the station, instead raising funds independently on a Go Fund Me to cover their own costs. The Go Fund Me has raised about $9,500, only a fraction of the costs with the majority coming from just a few wealthy funders including celebrity divorce lawyer Harold Mayerson. 

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Pacifica Safety Net Lawsuit Dismissed

LA Superior Court Throws Out Goldmacher-Huggins-Turner Lawsuit 

Berkeley – Three strikes and they’re out. On Friday, July 30, Judge Michael Stern dismissed the Pacifica Safety Net lawsuit for the failure to make a viable complaint after four tries. A demurrer filed by defendants Grace Aaron and Alex Steinberg was upheld without leave to amend and the plaintiff’s case dismissed with prejudice. 

The court order can be seen here

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