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Pacifica In Exile is best reached via email and we promise a prompt response to all messages. Please write to with any questions, comments or requests including blog submissions or information. Anonymity, if desired, will be protected as we know whistleblowing can be a dangerous activity. Thanks for caring!

27 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Subscribing is too hard. It should be an obvious link at the top of the page.

    Also, while you’re flipping the comments to newest first, you should put the new comment field at the top of comments.

    I will be interested in seeing how this group evolves.

  2. What is the latest on 2016 audit and the likelihood of Pacifica retaining its non-profit status? Oh, and how is negotiation with ESB coming along?

  3. Just saw this decision come up:
    LEVY, United States Magistrate Judge.
    *1 By order dated July 25, 2014, the Honorable Frederic Block, Senior United States District Judge, granted the motions of plaintiff Silverman & Silverman, LLP (“plaintiff”) to strike the counterclaims and strike the answer of defendant Pacifica Foundation (“defendant” or “Pacifica”), as a sanction for failure to comply with the court’s discovery orders. (Order, dated July 25, 2014.) Judge Block directed Pacifica to pay the attorney’s fees and costs incurred by plaintiff in bringing the discovery motion (see Motion for Discovery Order, dated May 9, 2014, Dkt. No. 44), the motion to strike counterclaims (see Motion to Strike Defendant’s Counterclaims, dated May 28, 2014, Dkt. No. 46), and the motion to strike defendant’s answer (see Motion to Strike Answer to Complaint, Counterclaim, dated May 29, 2014, Dkt. No. 47) (collectively, “the Motions”). As a consequence, defendant is in default. I therefore recommend that the Clerk of the Court be directed to note Pacifica’s default.
    Judge Block has recommitted this matter to me to conduct an inquest and issue a Report and Recommendation. For the reasons stated below, I respectfully recommend that plaintiff be awarded $65,076 in damages, as well as prejudgment interest at the rate of nine percent per annum, amounting to $5,856.84 per year for the five years from April 20, 2010 to April 20, 2015, and $16.05 per day thereafter until the date of entry of judgment. I further recommend that plaintiff’s request for attorney’s fees and costs be denied with leave to file appropriate documentation within thirty (30) days of the date of this Report and Recommendation.

  4. Hi, I just attempted to give a modest donation and I did not check paypal, and my acc’t number was for Amex which it did indicate, and I end up with a message that my city, state and zip are incorrect! So where can I send a check? Your work is merely extraordinary. Shocking what these bastards are trying to do. Should you have a mailing address?

    Suggestion: why are not the latest comments coming up first? Seems useful to reverse the order as I thought the comments were now a year old and therefore this part of your site out-of-date.

    1. Hi Lucille,

      I emailed you privately with the check information. I’m sorry you had a problem with the online donation button. Drat

      I’ll take at look at the comment posting module and see if the order can be flipped. Good idea.

      1. Hi, this is now Feb 20 2018 and my birthday and want to make another too small donation to a major project but I cannot enter a figure. Thanks tons for your so amazing blog!! I am so grateful that you have such heart to do this–and a strong stomach too.

  5. I can’t vote because I became a member after 6/30?
    What’s that BS about? After years of frustration became a member again just to vote out the fools.

    1. Oh geez. I’m sorry Joseph (being an advocate of voting out the fools here). The date of record on the election was June 30, so yes the donation had to be in by that date.

  6. ??? KPFK – WHO CAN I VOTE FOR –
    The ANSWER people are not
    proving to offer successful leadership
    as far as I can tell
    yet theyre the only KPFK source publishing a slate

  7. I had been following the non-filing of required reports by the AG’s office (KPFK not providing accounting, etc.) and out of curiosity I went to the Registry site again and found something new. Since it will require attachments, I’ll send it to the email address.

  8. So you took off intelligent programming with the likes of Ralph Nader to put the hateful, foulmouthed freaks on “safe harbour”. Hope you go off the air soon and for good. The show is evil.

    1. Hiya,

      We just tested it and it *seemed* to be working fine. Uh-oh. For now, try it in a different browser and we’ll keep trying to figure it out. Also if you can tell us via an email to exactly what went wrong for you, it might help to identify the issue…

  9. I would like to donate by mailing a check. What is the mailing address for Pacifica in Exile?
    R Gaura-Vila

  10. I love Roy of Hollywood – am a devoted NightOwl and devoted KPFK listener and supporter since 2001. I do not support the decision to replace “Something’s Happening”.

    1. Hear,hear! I completely agree. Roy is a pearl. The folks we need to write our criticisms or congratulations to are the decision makers:
      General Manager Leslie Redford
      Interim Program Director Alan Minsky
      Phone: 818-985-2711 ext. 0 for operator.
      Mail: c/o KPFK, 3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West, North Hollywood, CA 91604.

      1. On the time shows air between 12:00 Am and 3:00 AM…
        Can we just go back to Roy of Hollywood and the “Something’s Happening Show” ?

        The “Safe Harbor” programming does not offer anything different from the stuff that airs Saturdays and Sundays during early morning hours. There is too much redundancy in “Safe Harbor’s” programming and nothing of value to KPFK and its listeners.

  11. Will there be an audit of the election results by Pacifica in exile?
    If so, is there a private email I an send my receipt with votes to?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yes, there will be an audit. I’ll have some people contact you privately with info about how to document your ballot for a double check.

  12. The Calif Atty Gen will not rescue Pacifica, whose Board is purposely mis-managing the foundation into bankruptcy. The only way to save it is with a lawsuit, asking that a Manager be appointed by the Court to manage it, restore its finances, and provide for the legal election of a legal Board. Has a suit been filed? Who is interested in joining to file one?

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