No Talking … Or Else



At the June 29th PNB coordinating committee, the Siegel/Brazon faction cracked down on board members talking about the network’s growing financial crisis with the chief financial officer and determined that a secret executive session must be held immediately to prevent any more unsupervised talking about the financial emergency and discipline those involved for “bad behavior”. You can hear the scary unsupervised talking that ensued on June 26th here: Tracy-rosenberg – Pnb-special-meeting-on-finances-6262016


One thought on “No Talking … Or Else”

  1. Another aggression whose features are salient from these individuals exploiting the vulnerabilities of the Foundation and other long time servants thereof: most of the victims closest to the core of the boards are long-serving ~and long-suffering~ which means they have given decades to the network. Which also means they are of emeritus stature, such as Roy.

    Which also means they are “elders”. I did some research years ago for a family member who was being financially abused in retirement, and found an interesting fact: abuse, across the board, financial, physical, emotional, etc., of elders had increased 100 times in the last decade or so. Not 100%, ONE HUNDRED FOLD.

    Perhaps that is why the Welfare and Institutions Code, in the 16500 numbers range in CA., instructs juries to award treble the damages they would give to non-seniors, if the victim of a crime is a above, I believe, 62.

    It’s an interesting argument for the prosecution to make, that because so many of Pacifica’s boards are of elder roles, judge and jury could be under orders to make the crime partners pay up to 3 times ~automatically~ what they would pay in damages to younger victims. An interesting wrinkle.

    ~Frankly yours

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