One thought on “Progressive Commentary Hour – Pacifica in 2015”

  1. Summer said she wanted to have a conversation about the nature of the network, for example, developing new voices and pilot series, discussing who gets paid and why. These are great ideas and points of discussion. But, Summer says, she couldn’t do that because every aspect of Pacifica (shows, talent, salaries) is a somebody’s point of privilege, often long-standing.

    Of course, making such a point in the presence of “Dr.” Gary Null, Steve Brown, and Janet Coleman constitutes irony of clinical severity, as it would have been had Dan Seigel and Bernard White… or Amy Goodman… had been interviewing her. The three-ring bloodsucking circus – the Null $et for Neurotic Homeshoppers, the Seigel/JUC $ect of Factionoids, and the Award-Winning Amy Goodman’s Award-Winning Hypocrisy Now!… all while talentless and self-absorbed hacks ride the waves from whichever direction they come, holding onto their shows and sinecures for decades at a stretch, some of them trust-fund babies, some of them low-rent hustlers, some of them listener-members throwing their annual $25 peanuts into the cages to keep the show going.

    I keep thinking the curtain is bound to fall on the festival of scam, but perhaps the FBI allows the show to go on as an ISIS-like honeypot to attract socially awkward dissenters to keep tabs on the potentially dangerous. Question: do you think the factions have the same FBI handler, or do you think a couple of junior handlers use Pacifica as a running-bet contest of sorts (“Ha, Bruce, my side’s suing the Siegel crew for brazen incompetence!” “No fair, Preston, I’ll have to get one of my JUCers to cry racism and counter-sue!” “Hahaha, let’s get lunch!”)…

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